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Meet Jess Forrester, Vice President of Operations

Jess manages just about everything except sales for Reel Supplies. He’s the one who makes sure we’ve got the products on hand that our customers need, and enough people in the warehouse to get it delivered fast. 

With a background that includes years of experience in equipment rental servicing the film industry, Jess has helped establish Reel Supplies’ laser focus on customer service.

“We’re always asking ourselves, how can we do better?” says Jess. “The film industry is our main focus and we’ve built a company that centers on their needs. We make every interaction as frictionless as possible so we are not wasting a minute of a customer’s time.”

Share an example of Reel Supplies in action: “A client came to us because they needed bamboo quickly, and a lot of it. We sourced it and did everything we could to secure the product as fast as possible. We got it to them in time to keep filming on schedule.”


What do you do after work? “My wife and I spend time outdoors managing and improving our property.  We actively manage wildlife, from our bass pond to planting food plots for deer, we stay busy. With 33 acres, I spend a lot of time on a tractor.”


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