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Meet Gad Correa: Inside Sales Representative at Reel Supplies

Gad Correa, Inside Sales Representative at Reel Supplies, is adept at fulfilling film industry clients’ needs with the top-notch construction supplies they require. His proficiency in sourcing vendors promptly while maintaining competitive pricing, even under tight deadlines, keeps our operations running like a well-oiled machine.

Bringing his expertise in lumber to a new environment has been both exciting and fulfilling for Gad. As a wood specialist in Mexico, Gad's passion for building materials runs deep. He grew up in the lumber industry, selling everything from beams to decking, gazebos to terraces. This background has equipped Gad with a finely tuned skill set that perfectly aligns with his role at Reel Supplies.

Gad is a vital member of the Reel Supplies team, bringing passion, expertise, and a can-do attitude to every aspect of his work. We're incredibly fortunate to have him on board!

What is your favorite part of your job? “Witnessing the transformation of the supplied materials into stunning sets was a revelation for me. From building an old western village to crafting intricate indoor scenes, seeing our products in action opened my eyes to the creativity of the film industry.”


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