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Construction Buyer Turns to Reel Supplies for Hard-to-find Materials

Set in the 19th century, FX’s mini series “Kindred” posed some challenges for Construction Buyer Christina Hopkins. The production required rough sawn, specialty wood like Carolina cut rough edge, single-sided Sapele, and red oak. Not only were they generally difficult to source in the quantities needed, it was also during Covid, when building material was in short supply. Christina turned to her go-to building material resource, Reel Supplies.

“The team at Reel Supplies is who I turn to when I have a difficult sourcing problem to solve,” says Christina. “There are very few things they can’t get in the time that I need it and they will always provide a workable solution if they can’t find it.

“The team is incredibly knowledgeable about building materials. I work with people from around the world who all have different terms for the same material. I can use international terms and I know the team at Reel Supplies will know what it is and where to find it. Bottom line, the team at Reel Supplies saves me time.”

Christina says she values Reel Supplies for the team’s quick-turnaround, excellent customer service, industry knowledge, and especially their ability to locate hard-to-find materials.

“In the movie industry, we need our building supplies yesterday. Reel Supplies gets it. They are my go-to suppliers because they are knowledgeable, fast, and bring me solutions. The answer is never ‘no,’ only ‘here’s how we can help you.’ The Reel Supplies team always makes me feel like I am their most valued customer.”


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